President: Dr. Claudio Solana – March of 2013

“Respect and welfare of the pregnant woman and her son”

This goal sums up a statement of rationale that motivated the creation of the Argentine Association of Perinatology, ASAPER, which occupies an important space for the study and solution of the delayed perinatological problems of Argentina, providing academic and scientific fields to obstetricians , neonatologists, anesthesiologists, obstetric and other specialties, combine their efforts and capabilities, in a multidisciplinary, develop of the Perinatology.Our Association promotes the perinatal centers that provide preventive services-anticipatory and care to pregnant women and their children in the context of their families, respecting the idiosyncrasies of each community and considering the possibilities and limitations of each hospital.

The organization of perinatal centers where pregnant women attending their children, before and after birth, is the indispensable first step on a long road to quality.

Efficiency, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, auditory, teaching, research, etc, are also current requirements that cannot be postponed.

Health Agents, as those ASAPER assemblies, necessarily have to be experts in the organization of each and of all that built up maternity services in addition to the delegated function be centered in the family.

Founded in 1993, ASAPER is a scientific nonprofit with legal status and control of the General Inspectorate of Justice. It currently has over 1000 members (obstetricians and neonatologists mostly obstetric, biochemical, etc..) Distributed in all provinces and partners involved in any of their activities regularly. The registration number is 1587118.

Members receive the newsletter regularly Association (4 per year) and four editions of the book Argentine Perinathological Clinics that have 70 volumes published since 1995 and which are written by prestigious national and international authors. Copies of this collection can be obtained from the headquarters of the Association meeting in Riobamba 436 6 11 CABA tel 4951-2913 or e-mail: Titles are available and volumes to 2012

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